Adaptive, diagnostic and software features of CNC system FlexNC (updated)

In the May issue of the journal "Automation in Industry" for 2010 had been published the article "Adaptive, diagnostics and software capabilities of the CNC system FlexNC". The journal issue had been devoted to the CNC system and issued specially for the exhibition "Metalloobrabotka 2010", held from 24 to 28 May in Moscow. Free invitation ticket for the future exhibitions is available here.

Advantages of machine tools using the CNC system FLEX NC

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system FLEX NC is applied to all machine tools, upgraded by Stankocentr Ltd, as well as more then 30 retrofits of series-prodused machines, manufactured by Savyolovsky Machine Building Plant.

The modern high-performance CNC system FLEX NC applied to machine tools greatly improves effeciency, processing accurancy, tool life time and substantional reduction of defectives, and cheapens the cost of machine upgrading and servicing.